Megabass Vision 110 Hi-Float

Megabass Vision 110 Hi-Float
VISION ONETEN Hi-FLOAT has made VISION ONETEN to be high in buoyancy, and has specialized in brushing up the swimming response while retrieving. It has been set up to create a sharp high-pitch rolling action even while retrieving super slowly. At shallow areas in low water temperature seasons, water grass areas under tough conditions at big lakes, and for fishes that do not react to vivid actions, the “super slow retrieve method”, producing big fishes response, corresponds in high dimension. The “rise up & dart” action darting left and right dodging the shallow cover by its high floating body will switch on the combat instinct of the feeding fish. Please check out the skill of I.T.O. Engineering tuning.
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Megabass Vision 110 Hi-Float - Amazing Flash
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Megabass Vision 110 Hi-Float
4 1/3" - 1/2 oz
Amazing Flash
Depth: 4 - 6 ft