Yo-Zuri F1004 Crystal Minnow (F)

Yo-Zuri F1004 Crystal Minnow (F)
The brilliant holographic laser tape finish of the Crystal Minnow™ Floating reflects all subsurface light and gives game fish a target even in murky water. The animated over-sized 3D eyes and raised molded gill plate add to the realistic appearance.

The Crystal Minnow™ Floating features a realistic wiggling action and is equally effective worked in a twitch-stop-go manner or with a steady retrieve. Floating models will dart and dive then float back up to the surface enticing fish to strike at the last moment.
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Yo-Zuri F1004 Crystal Minnow (F) - Blueback Herring
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Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow F1004
Color: Blueback Herring
5 1/4" - 5/8 oz