Abe & Al Flasher 10

Abe & Al Flasher 10
If you've had contact with any books, articles or rigging diagrams pertaining to West Coast commercial salmon trolling, you'll undoubtedly recognize an Abe & Al Flasher. Commercial fishermen understand that big flash gets noticed and the larger sized Abe & Al's, reaching 10-inches in length, certainly get noticed and have been the single most productive flasher available for decades. A wide circular rotation sends beams of light off in all directions. Premium Luhr-Jensen plating and polishing stands up to the harshest environments over the long term.
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Luhr-Jensen Abe & Al Flasher 10 - Chrome
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Luhr-Jensen Abe & Al Flasher 10
Color: Chrome
Size 006: 1 5/8" x 10"