Megabass Griffon Zero

Megabass Griffon Zero
In the world of super-shallow crank baits, the Griffon Zero sets itself apart with a fixed Gyro Balancer System (PAT.P) and Hydrodynamic Body (PAT.P) design, which an underbelly water intake. These features allow the Griffon Zero to be fished as a "wake” type bait or shallow sub-surface crank, depending on the angle of the rod tip and retrieve speed. For most applications, we suggest retrieving the Griffon Zero with the rod-tip low, using a fast retrieve. This shallow sub-surface wiggling action will trigger incredible strikes when fished over shallow grass, rocks, or wood. On cloudy days or early mornings, anglers will enjoy explosive topwater-type strikes by fishing the Griffon Zero with the rod-tip held high and a retrieve that is just slow enough that the Griffon Zero doesn’t break the surface or dive, utilizing the water’s surface tension to “wake” the bait.
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Megabass Griffon Zero - PM Midnight Bone
SKU: GriffonZero-PMMidnightBone
5.0 Out Of 5 (5.0 on 1)
Megabass Griffon Zero
Color: PM Midnight Bone
45 mm - 1/4 oz