Megabass Vision 110 Square Bill

Megabass Vision 110 Square Bill
Introducing the square lip model of the immensely successful ONETEN series, designed for shallow applications and aggresive action. By changing the original oval bill to a square, the lure "bites" into the water more effectively, making the sliding motions from power jerking sharper. The strong displacement emitted by this movement is great at reaching wandering bass and turning nervous fish into feeders, making fast, high tempo fishing possible. The lure design scatters the flow of water along the belly and tail, suppressing any action that could be so wild as to seem unnatural. The VISION ONETEN SQUAREBILL also is great for summertime smallies, docks, inlets, backwater areas, and targeting river bass. This versatile lure handles many environments and situations with skill.
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Megabass Vision 110 Square Bill - M Champagne Kinkuro II
SKU: V110SB-MChampagneKinkuroII
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Megabass Vision 110 Square Bill
Color: M Champagne Kinkuro II
110.5mm - 1/2 oz
Type: Suspend