Yo-Zuri Hybrid Clear - Low Vis 250 yd


•Strength : Because of the blend of nylon and fluorocarbon our line breaks at a much higher test than listed (see chart).
•Stretch : Hybrid has a lower stretch because of the addition of fluorocarbon. The nylon allows for cast ability. This gives Hybrid more hook setting power.
•Sensitivity : The fluorocarbon blend transfers activity or “feeling” much faster than regular fishing lines. This increased transmission speed allows an angler to feel and react to more bites.
•Wet Strength : Hybrid doesn't absorb water and as a result retains 100% of its dry knot and tensile strength. Regular fishing lines can absorb water which can weaken line up to 30%!
•UV Resistance : Hybrid's fluorocarbon qualities allow it to resist UV light which can weaken line and shorten its durability. Hybrid stays stronger, longer. This Hybrid durability allows the line to last four to five times longer than regular fishing lines.
•Casting Distance : Hybrid's slick finish allows it to easily slide through the guides causing little resistance during the cast and increases distance. The nylon qualities of Hybrid allow it to be softer and more supple line for distance casting.
•Low Visibility : Hybrid's blend of fluorocarbon and nylon allows it to have lower light refractory which means less visibility underwater.
•Abrasion Resistance : The hard, smooth outer feel created by the blend of fluorocarbon and nylon of Hybrid helps resist abrasion from rocks, wrecks, snags, or sharp toothed fish.
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Yo-Zuri Hybrid 25 LB Test 250 yard - Low Vis Clear
SKU: R715-CL
$18.99 $14.25
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Yo-Zuri Hybrid Fishing Line
250yd - 25lb Test
Low Vis Clear
0.475 mm - .019"
Average Break Strength - 27.5 lbs
Yo-Zuri Hybrid 30 LB Test 250 yard - Low Vis Clear
SKU: R716-CL
$18.99 $14.25
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Yo-Zuri Hybrid Fishing Line
250yd - 30lb Test
Low Vis Clear
0.573 mm - .023"
Average Break Strength - 41.3 lbs