Northland Tackle Mimic Minnow Critter Craw

The Mimic Minnow® Critter Craw looks exactly like a crawfish at first blush, but careful examination yields an interesting paddle-claw design. The arms float upon rest, and when ripped, these same appendages wobble outward, NOT inward, to avoid common tangling problems seen in many craw designs today.

The Mimic Minnow® Critter Craw is grounded by a lead stand-up style jig head and features a premium hook with quality wire guard for around weeds and cover. It’s the ultimate in tie-and-go craw jigs, effective for a number of species that frequent rivers, ponds and lakes.

The Mimic Minnow® Critter Craw comes pre-rigged, one bait per card, in 8 colors and 4 sizes (1/16oz (#4 hook) – 2 1/4”, 1/8oz (#1/0 hook) – 2 5/8”, 1/4oz (#2/0 hook) – 3”, and 3/8oz (#3/0 hook) – 3.5”) for most discerning bass and predator anglers in the world. 

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