Anglers around the world insist on Salmo and you should too!

Welcome to the wonderful world of fishing at Salmo-USA. You are encouraged to explore this web site to learn about Salmo fishing lures. These lures are hand-crafted in Poland. The Salmo name has become legendary around the world for producing the finest crankbaits in the world. Salmo fishing lures are the only lures in the world to be backed with a Lifetime Performance Guarantee.

Using the most advanced technology possible, Salmo has created a family of high quality performance fishing lures like no other on the market today. Painstaking detail and superior water dynamics make Salmo crankbaits, jerkbaits, and top water lures something very special to fish with and to own.

Whether you are fishing walleye, northern pike, musky, bass, trout fishing, or salmon, every Salmo is expertly hand crafted, thoroughly tank tested, and extensively fine tuned to deliver fish catching performance right out of the box. Using the phrase "just another crankbait" simply does not apply to a Salmo. With only one cast you will see why anglers all over America "Insist on Salmo".

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